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How to Avoid Mistakes in JAMB Exam

To perform well inside the JAMB UTME examination hall, you need to guard yourself against mistakes.

A mistake is a common thing among quite a number of students during their JAMB/UTME examination. But, most mistakes result from one, two or three things.

Now, let’s look at the common causes of mistakes during JAMB exams & how to avoid them.

1. Examination anxiety

This is the cause of most mistakes during the JAMB CBT examination. Exam fever grip many before their exams and consequently affect their performance in the examination.

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2. Computer Based Test (CBT)

JAMB is no more paper and pencil examination. Some candidates who are not used to computers are kinda anxious about this whole CBT thing but, little did they know that JAMB computer-based test (CBT) is much easier and faster than paper and pencil.

Please, there is nothing to worry about JAMB being CBT. It is as easy as clicking next and previous or clicking a button to jump to a question number.

Even a baby in the womb can click a button. It’s ridiculously easy and intuitive enough. So, chill.

3. Health/Body or psychological state

Having no sleep the night or no food before going for the JAMB examination can contribute to the candidate making mistakes during the exam.

Please, make sure you sleep really well the night before your JAMB examination so you can wake up the next day with a sound spirit, calm heart, sound mind and free of those “I want to sleep”.

4. Not ready for the exam

To know if you are among the type of students who are not ready for the JAMB examination, read my earlier published post: How to score high in JAMB Exams

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All the best in your JAMB!

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