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IELTS Exams: Everything You Need To Know

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If you are a student planning to study abroad or an individual planning to live or work abroad (in English-speaking countries), one of the things that are crucial to your journey is the IELTS exams. 

Many people have been denied visas to travel abroad because they don't fully understand what the IELTS exam is all about. 

However, this article will guide and explain everything you need to know about the IELTS exams. 

What Is IELTS? 

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is the world's most popular English Language test or exam for study, work, and migration to a country where English is the native language. 

More than 11,000 organisations, including higher institutions, businesses, governmental organisations, and migration agencies, accept IELTS in over 140 countries.

The IELTS exam tests your proficiency in four main areas: Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Listening, which you can write, either on paper or computer. The IELTS is graded on a scale of 1-9.

Why Should I Take IELTS?

If you are thinking about why you should take the IELTS test, there are three basic reasons why you should take the test. 

1. Study

If you are a student who wants to study in any English-speaking country like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand: most universities require international students to take the IELTS as their primary admission requirements. 

In addition, the IELTS is a good exercise training for your English Language skills. It will help you improve your English Language skills and do better in your course of study. 

2. Work

If you are planning to work or pursue a career in an English-speaking country, you must first secure a visa that enables you to work. 

However, giving proof of your English Language proficiency is one of the requirements for getting a visa to the country of your choice. This is where the IELTS exams come in. 

Meanwhile, each country requires a certain score on the IELTS, and you must meet the demanding score to get your visa. 

3. Immigration

Many nations require decent English for you to gain permanent residence if you would like to obtain citizenship in an English-speaking country. 

Understanding the native language (English) will help you integrate, communicate, and relate easily, which increases your chances of pursuing any career or profession of your church there. 

How Does The Test Work?

One of the important things you need to know about the IELTS exams is to be familiar with how it works. 

You must know that there are two types of IELTS: Academic and General Training. You can take any of the IELTS (Academic or General Training) in a test centre on paper or computer. 

However, you can now take IELTS Academic online from the comfort of your home or in a private location with a stable internet connection. 

Meanwhile, the Academic and General Training have the same Listening and Speaking tests but different Reading and Writing tests. You must prepare for the correct one. 

You will complete the Listening, Reading and Writing sections of all IELTS tests on the same day, with no breaks between them. 

However, it is possible to arrange the Speaking test up to a week before or after the other exams. Your Speaking test will typically happen before your other tests if you scheduled IELTS online. The exam lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes in total.

How Do I Register For The Exam?

Registering for the exam is quick and easy. Here's how you can register for the exam in 3 steps:

Step 1 – Find your nearest IELTS test location or take IELTS online. If you are a Nigerian, you can find the nearest IELTS test centre through the link below.

Find All The IELTS Test Centres In Nigeria Here

Step 2 – Register for your IELTS test. Fill out a form that indicates the types of tests you want to register for (Academic or General Training). You can register at your chosen centre and make payments offline or online. 

When Should I Register For My Exam?

You can register for the exam anytime you want. The IELTS exam is open for registration at least 3-4 times every month of the year. 

Check the Test Dates For 2022 Here

What's An Academic Or General Training Test?

IELTS Academic and General Training are two different tests; what are the differences?

The Academic test is for an individual who wants to study at a university or college as an undergraduate or postgraduate student or join or gain entry into a professional institution.

The General Training test is designed to test your everyday, non-academic English. The test is for social situations and the workplace. 

Which One Is Right For Me? Take the Academic test if you want to study at an undergraduate level or postgraduate level abroad. Or you want to work in an English-speaking country for a professional organisation.

The General Training test is right for you if you want to migrate to an English-speaking country or study below degree level. 

Should I Take A Paper-Based Or Computer-Delivered Test?

You can choose any of the two you are comfortable with. However, I recommend you stick to the paper-based test if you are very slow at typing or prefer writing. You can choose the computer-based test if you are fast at typing.  

How Much Does It Cost To Take The Exam, And Which Forms Of Payment Are Accepted?

The exam costs range between $245-255 USD in the USA. For Nigerians, the exam fee is N83,000. 


If you want to study, work, or migrate to an English-speaking country, passing the IELTS exam is one of the requirements you must meet. 

That is why you should know every detail about the exam for you to be able to prepare well and pass the exam. However, besides travelling abroad, the IELTS Exam is a valuable asset to your academic career.

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