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JAMB tutorials Mathematics

Download JAMB past questions and answers on mathematics PDF. The UTME math past questions are in PDF format and free for download. If you are a science student, also see JAMB Physics past questions: Download JAMB Physics past questions.

Download free JAMB Mathematics Past questions in PDF

Note: If you want complete JAMB mathematics past questions and answers with many years, including the recent years, we have it available for sale. The free one below may not have all the answers/solutions and recent years.

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Sample JAMB mathematics past questions and solution

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From 2017 JAMB Mathematics past questions

Question: Integrate x2+3x-5


Recall that the general power formula for integration is as shown in the image below:

Power Integral formula

Hence, ∫(x2 + 3x – 5) = x3/3 + 3x2/2 – 5x + k

From JAMB Mathematics past question 2017:

Question: Evaluate 0.0028213/0.634




= 4.45 x 10-3

Question: Calculate the simple interest on ₦6,500 for 4 years at 6%.


Recall that the formula for simple interest is A = PRT,


A = simple interest,

P = principal amount,

R =rate per period and

T = time periods.


A = 6500 * (6/100) * 4  = 1560

A = 1560

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