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JAMB Syllabus 2022/2023 (All Subjects & PDF Download)

JAMB Syllabuses for all JAMB subjects are available in this post. If you are looking for the latest JAMB UTME Syllabus that is up to date, you will get them here!

The JAMB syllabus are also available in PDF format for free download so you can make reference to the JAMB syllabus without an Internet connection.

To download any of the JAMB syllabuses, just click any JAMB subject of your choice from the download links below to download the syllabus to your device.

Remember to see JAMB Subject Combinations for All Courses.

Why you need the JAMB Syllabus

JAMB Syllabus is like a compass to help direct every JAMBite on where to focus her energy (in her studies) in preparation for the JAMB examination. The syllabus contains a detailed breakdown of all the topics treated in all the subjects available for the JAMB UTME exam.

These include the JAMB syllabus for Use of English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, Government, Accounts, Commerce, Literature in English, Igbo, Hausa, etc.

Don’t forget to read the following

Download JAMB Syllabuses PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Principles of Account

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Accounts PDF

JAMB syllabus for Agriculture

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Agriculture PDF

JAMB syllabus for Arabic Studies

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Arabic Studies PDF

JAMB syllabus for Fine and Applied Art

Download JAMB Fine and Applied Art Syllabus PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Biology

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Biology PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Chemistry

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Chemistry PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Commerce

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Commerce PDF

JAMB Syllabus for CRS

Download: JAMB Syllabus for CRS PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Economics

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Economics PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Use of English

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Use of English PDF

JAMB Syllabus for French

Download: JAMB Syllabus for French PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Geography

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Geography PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Government

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Government PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Hausa

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Hausa PDF

JAMB Syllabus for History

Download: JAMB Syllabus for History PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Home Economics

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Home Economics PDF

JAMB Syllabus for the Igbo Language

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Igbo Language PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Islamic Studies

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Islamic Studies PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Literature in English

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Literature PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Mathematics

Free download JAMB Syllabus for Mathematics PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Music

Download JAMB Syllabus for Music PDF

JAMB Syllabus for Physics

Download: JAMB Syllabus for Physics PDF

JAMB Syllabus for the Yoruba Language

Download JAMB Syllabus for Yoruba Language PDF

View JAMB Syllabus Online

References: Official JAMB Syllabuses page

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