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5 Things to avoid during JAMB exam (so you don’t fail!)

As the next JAMB exam draws closer, here are some things you should try to avoid in order to avoid stories that touch the heart! Unless you want to repeat JAMB exam.

1. JAMB runs (expo)

If your school is used to “expo”, or you are used to copy-copy during exams in your school, please do not bring that into the JAMB exam hall.


Well, because it is morally wrong. Secondly, it is a crime; A punishable crime in Nigeria. If they catch you, you might go to jail. Thirdly, with the CCTV cameras in some exam halls, you are likely gonna get caught!

If you don’t get the gist, see Safe JAMB Expo (JAMB Runs), Be Wary

2. Going to the exam hall without your documents

It is very unlikely, however, it is worth mentioning that you could be asked to come for the exam with some items (for example, your JAMB exam slip). It is important to remember what you need to take along with you and make sure you go with those items. To avoid unnecessary delays or even getting barred from entering the exam hall.

3. Falling sick during JAMB

Well, I don’t know how anyone is gonna be absolutely 100% sure about this one but, make sure you don’t fall sick during the JAMB exam period.


Because JAMB will not conduct another exam for you because you were sick! This has happened to a number of candidates but it will not be your portion! Sickness is not for you! Amen.

4. Going for JAMB exam at the bad state…

By bad state, I mean bad state if mind, body and soul.

Don’t go to the exam starving; don’t stay awake all night if you have an exam the next morning.

It is important to be at your best frame of mind. This will help you concentrate better during the exam, help you relaxed and focus.

But if you are feeling very sleepy or dizzy, or hunger dey wire you, my friend, that is not encouraging!

5. Going for exam unprepared

Who does a thing like that?! Well, some JAMB candidates do. They go for the exam without any serious preparation. They didn’t take their time to study the JAMB past questions, nothing. Some hope in miracles, others hope in “expo”.

But if you don’t want to fail JAMB, the only option you have is to prepare well ahead before going for the exam.

The good news is that EduNgr JAMB app will help you prepare well so you can increase your chances to score high in JAMB CBT exam.

Take actions, get ready for the exam. Wishing you excellence and admission to the school of your choosing!

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