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4 Reasons JAMB Candidates Choose the "Wrong" Course

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As an undergraduate student, you will get to notice that some students are simply not happy with the course they are studying. This affects them both psychologically, emotionally and academically.

But how did they end up with the course in the first place?

When you see some students who are unhappy with the course they are studying at the university a couple of things could be the reasons and here are the common ones:

1. Candidate propose, school oppose

They were offered a course they simply didn't apply for! This is perhaps the most common reason you see students in the department they didn't apply for.

Although one may try to ask if you don't want a course why take it in the first place, I don't want to lay all the blames on the student seeing what another year of JAMB and post-UTME would look like.

Also, I think universities can do better by giving students a list of alternative courses they can choose from I they don't meet the cutoff for their target course.

2. They said I should...

Another reason some people end up with the "wrong course" is that parent or guardian or someone made them apply for the course (against their wish and passion).

In as much as I believe that an enlightened parent or person can help an O'level/JAMB candidate chart a good career path, it is important that this is done with the student's passion and dreams in life.

While it is good to seek advice from a more experienced person, no one should make you study a course you just don't like.

3. Too afraid to compete!

This is a fact! Some people want to study medicine and surgery but they are afraid of the high competition, and high cutoff marks for the course.

They're afraid to compete for their dream course, chickened out and settled for a "smaller" course.

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4. "Make I just enter school"

And then we have those that belong to the type of admission seekers who just want to go to the university, so any course will do.

To this kind of student, all that matters is to bear the "undergraduate" title, nothing more.

Eventually, after 1 year in school when the undergraduate title has become irrelevant, they begin to regret their mistakes.

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Did you or someone else choose your course for you? Do you like the course?

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